Transform Your Thoughts, Transform Your Behavior

Transform Your Thoughts

You can’t change behaviors without first changing your thinking. As a health coach, I know the first step to making dietary or healthy habit changes is to examine how a person is thinking about the changes and themselves. Often clients feel like they can’t change their diet or exercise habits because they’ve tried in the…

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Honey Pecan Chicken Tenders With Rosemary

Honey Pecan Chicken Tenders

These honey pecan chicken tenders with rosemary are great for a protein packed breakfast. Mix up your dry ingredients the night before to make it quicker in the morning. Everyone can get ready while they are baking! Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 1+ lb chicken tenders 4-6 T olive or coconut oil (melted) 2-4 T…

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What Are You Thinking?

Taking Thoughts Captive

Your internal world determines your external reality One way I know God is trying to tell me something is because I’ll hear the same catch phrase from different sources. I’ll hear it in a song on the radio. A message at church. A friend will use that exact phrasing in a story. I’ll be reading…

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