7 Thanksgiving Tips So You Don’t Tip the Scale

7 Thanksgiving Tips so You Don't Tip The Scale

I thought I’d share seven Thanksgiving tips so you don’t tip the scale come January. The problem with over indulging this week is that it doesn’t stop! Approximately 75% of annual weight gain occurs between October and January. These holiday months tempt us with all sorts of rich meals, desserts, snacks and beverages. Once we…

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Your symptoms are not the problem. They are warning signals.

Your symptoms are not the problem. They are the warning lights.

The symptoms of autoimmune disease can be subtle, easily dismissed, and are often compartmentalized. However, your symptoms are not the problem. They are warning signals. There is usually a root-cause that needs uncovering.   On average, it takes a woman 4.6 years to get an autoimmune diagnosis after visiting an average of five doctors. And,…

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7 Tips for Resisting Sweets

7 tips for resisting sweets

Drowning in Trick-Or-Treat Candy? Here are seven tips for resisting sweets. (And, one of many bad mom moments I am embarrassed by that will make you feel better about yourself.)   Sugar releases a little burst of feel-good chemicals after eating a treat. But, a while later, assess how you feel after eating something that…

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Four Inflammatory Foods You’ll Want to Avoid

Four Inflammatory Foods You'll Want to Avoid

There are four inflammatory foods you’ll want to avoid whether you want to prevent autoimmune diseases because you know it runs in your family, are newly diagnosed, or if you’ve been living with an autoimmune condition for a while.   Leaky Gut Intestinal permeability is often referred to as leaky gut. More and more evidence…

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The Perfect Autumn Side Dish

The Perfect Autumn Recipe

Here is the perfect autumn side dish recipe.  If you want a healthy side dish for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve, try these roasted Brussel sprouts, cinnamon butternut squash, toasted pecans, and chewy cranberries! It goes great with roasted chicken, turkey, pork loin, with just about anything! Plus, if you are one who doesn’t…

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