What the food industry doesn’t want you to know

The food industry has no vested interest in your health.

For them, it is about the bottom line, profits and making shareholders happy. It is NOT about your health.

Their goal is to make food so enticing and addictive, you keep coming back for more.

It is not about nutrition and what is best for you. Remember this when you are at the grocery store or in the drive-thru.

Here’s an eye opener for you:


There is no evidence linking sugar to chronic disease.”

“That’s what Cristin Kearns, a professor of dentistry at UCSF, was told when she challenged a keynote speaker at a medical conference who claimed that Lipton Brisk sweet tea—which contains 55 grams of sugar—was a “healthy drink.”

This inspired Kearns to start a journey that is still in progress today.

Through her UCSF Food Industry Documents Archive, she has revealed a consistent pattern of deception, bribery, and manipulation by Big Food. For example, the sugar industry has:

  1. Sponsored studies designed to cast doubt on the growing body of evidence linking excess sugar consumption to chronic disease.
    2. Attempted to suppress findings that link sugar to cardiovascular disease.
    3. Paid experts to influence public opinion by denying the link between sugar and disease.

If these tactics seem familiar, it’s because they’re straight out of the Big Tobacco playbook.

As reported by Civil Eats, Kearns has found direct links between the tobacco and food industries, including a “systematic transfer of people, knowledge, information, and technology from tobacco to the sugar and beverage companies.”

In 2018, we’d never consider allowing the tobacco industry to influence public policy. Yet Big Food still has a seat at the table.

The increase in consumption of highly processed and refined foods is one of the primary drivers of the obesity epidemic, which in turn has contributed to the alarming increase in chronic disease.

If we want to reverse these epidemics, we need to stand up to Big Food and reduce their influence—just as we did with Big Tobacco many years ago.

Awareness is always the first step. You can help by spreading the word and defending the truth.”


Functional Medicine is a personalized approach to healthcare that recognizes the biological uniqueness of each patient. It views the body as an interconnected whole.

In contrast to conventional care, which is almost entirely focused on suppressing symptoms, functional medicine looks to eliminate symptoms by addressing the root cause of a problem.


Could food and sugar addiction be at the root of your issues?

It isn’t all your fault! Foods are designed to make you want more. Then those foods feed the “bad” microbes in your gut. Those microbes send craving signals to your brain that are powerful. But there are ways to combat them and reestablish a healthy balance of microbes. You can rewire those cravings!


As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I look at the underlying reasons why symptoms are expressing or cravings are in control. Whether it is someone who can’t seem to lose weight no matter what they do, to someone managing symptoms of an autoimmune disease, there are root causes. These causes generally lead back to the foods they are eating, exercise, sleep patterns, stress management and healthy relationships. These affect our health in profound ways.


As a coach I help people evaluate their lives from this holistic perspective. We are individuals that are very unique so cookie-cutter diet and exercise programs don’t work for every one. We are more complex and integrated. I help people follow the threads that have been woven through their health. Then, we create a beautiful tapestry that is a picture of their own health and wellness. We do this in simple yet effective ways that are sustainable.


If you need a fresh perspective on the things you are doing, or not doing, to be a healthier version of you, schedule a free 30-minute call to see if health coaching can help you create a picture of health you want.