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You deserve to live free from autoimmune symptoms!

Dealing with worsening symptoms and continued autoimmune disease progression is no way to live!

There is fear of the disease getting worse. You miss out on activities you used to enjoy with those you love. And, you're just too tired or in too much pain and don't even want to do anything!


How are autoimmune symptoms holding you back?


This is a proven way to break free from your symptoms and stop making these top 3 mistakes.

This is the exact way I stopped my autoimmune disease and how thousands of others have too! In fact in a clinical trial, 73% of participants achieved clinical remission!


You can do this exact same thing to address the root cause and have just as much success too! 

You can address the root-cause …so you can actually lower inflammation, stop symptoms and get back to an active life with those you love in just 8-weeks.

How great would you feel if you could stop:

  • foggy thinking
  • excessive fatigue
  • weight gain - especially around the middle
  • digestive issues (IBS, IBD, reflux, GERD)
  • bloating, gassiness, diarrhea, constipation
  • skin issues like acne, eczema, psoriasis
  • joint or muscle pain, weakness and stiffness
  • numbness and neuropathy
  • headaches and migraines
  • poor blood sugar control
  • poor sleep
  • hormonal imbalances
  • and more

What if you could feel:

  • energized
  • full of zest and excited about your future
  • think clearly and be decisive
  • sleep well and wake up refreshed
  • lose weight - finally!
  • do things you love again
  • be present with the ones you love
  • able to move and be active again
  • be free from pain that holds you back
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You can feel amazing again!


Symptoms don't go away by themselves or with a pill!

Conventional medicine has let us down. It often takes years to receive an autoimmune diagnosis. Once diagnosed, they can only offer harsh medication to suppress the symptoms. They tell you that autoimmune disease just happens sometimes and that food and lifestyle have nothing to do with it.


That is simply not true.


Food is medicine – or poison for some of us. There is a better way!


I know you have been frustrated, and isolated in dealing with this on your own. Now you don’t have to do this alone! And, you can feel better knowing you are addressing something that is within your control! Lifestyle factors like food, sleep, movement, stress management, and connections are areas that impact health in profound ways!

Functional Medicine is like being a good parent to your body!

Let's say you have a child who comes to you and is crying but you are always busy and just want them to stop crying. The crying is bothering you because you have things to do. What do you do to solve the problem of the crying child? You send them to their room, basically punish them for crying. The crying stops for you but not for the child. The symptom is temporarily quieted. But you never addressed the reason why the child was crying. This is an example of conventional medicine.

In conventional medicine if you have some symptom, they punish it with a medication to get rid of the symptom as fast as possible.

If you have elevated cholesterol and they punish it with a statin medication. Elevated blood sugar, punish it with metformin. Autoimmunity, suppress it or throw steroids at it.

crying child

As a Functional Medicine parent, you'd get to the root cause and find out why your child was crying.

Now in Functional Medicine, you are the parent who asks the child, "Why are you crying, tell me what is going on." Maybe you find out the child went to bed too late and is sleep deprived or it is late morning and she hasn't eaten breakfast yet or maybe her sibling hit her and she has something that hurts or that is in dis-ease.

You'd ask: is she getting enough sleep, is she eating enough nutrition to fuel her cells, is she keeping her immune system calm, is her stress level too high and not well managed, does she have healthy relationships around her that support her, is she being exposed to toxins that are hurting her? What is she being exposed to that is harmful and what is it she needs?

parent comforting

80% of people have food sensitivities and their bodies have been crying a long time.

80% or more of people who visit Functional Medicine practitioners have at least one, and often many more, food sensitivities and their bodies have been crying for a long time. Their body is saying, "My joints hurt, my back pain is terrible, my migraines are chronic, I haven't slept well in years, I'm constipated, I'm depressed and I can't think clearly."

Together we can use food, faith and these Functional Medicine principles to address the root-cause, not just the symptoms.

In Reboot with AIP, you'll learn the most effective way to get autoimmune symptoms under control by identifying and eliminating the root-cause so you can get back to living an active life with those you love in just a few weeks.


"All disease is caused by two primary factors. One, you're getting too many things you don't need. Two, you're not getting enough things you do need."  Sidney Baker, MD, Yale Medical graduate, family practitioner, author of Detoxification and Healing, and founder of Defeat Autism Now!

Temporary elimination diets are the clear path to food freedom!

"I let go of the foods that do not serve me, I start consuming foods that leave me supercharged, and all of a sudden I have freedom from my suffering."   Tom Maltere,  MS, CN and Faculty Educator for the Institute for Functional Medicine



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This 8-week online group health coaching program will help you learn how to use the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol, AIP, to calm symptoms, lower inflammation and rebuild your health. After completing the program, clients tell me they feel better than they have in years!

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In Reboot with AIP you will:

  • Successfully navigate the AIP protocol to discover your specific food sensitivities and find your optimal way of eating.
  • Easily and gradually work your way into the full AIP protocol.
  • Take back control of your symptoms by how you eat, move, manage stress, sleep and connect so you can be in less pain, feel focused, and finally feel energized again.
  • Work through reintroducing foods methodically - this is the trickiest part for most people.
  • Finally push past the thoughts, doubts and barriers holding you back.
  • Discover tips and tricks in meal planning, cooking and prepping techniques to make it easier and so you spend less time in the kitchen.
  • Receive the support and encouragement you need from people who get you and what you are going through.
  • Ask questions and get answers to help you understand why you are making the changes you are and how to be successful.
  • Uncover the motivation you need to keep pushing forward so you don't give up!

"I was diagnosed with celiac and inflammatory arthritis. I used to have to take the stairs one at a time. I couldn't do normal things like clean the house or yard work. I couldn't get through the day without needing a nap and even had a low grade fever for a year. I really thought I would just get worse and worse. I went through Dixie's AIP group program and figured out what I was eating that was contributing to inflammation. Now I feel so much better and can do things I couldn't before and more. It really helped me to have accountability with Dixie and I keep listening to her modules to keep it fresh in my mind. Now, for the first time in seven years, my inflammation markers are normal. My doctor said no one is doing as good as me! He even lowered my Plaquenil and said he would keep lowering it. This has been a turning point for me. I really thought I'd be on medication for the rest of my life."  Talleri B.

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8 Modules with 13 hours of video educational and motivational content

Reboot with AIP is more than just learning about foods. We address the mental and emotional side of the journey, the cravings, the social aspect, how hormones play a role. Plus, you will get practical insights and keys to organizing for success. Get the encouragement you need along the way while implementing the lifestyle changes that work synergistically to support your health.

There is nothing worse than finishing a program and feeling like you didn’t have all the information. That is NOT the case with this. It is completely comprehensive.

Each module layers in a new phase to meet you where you are give you the support you need! 

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"Doctors tell you to eat better, but they don't have the time to help you. You really need someone, like Dixie, to help you, support you through the process and tell you how to do that. Health coaching was an important part of helping me make the changes I needed to make. The AIP program was organized, helped me more than anything else had, the videos were the best. " Carol F.

8-Weeks to the freedom from autoimmunity you've always wanted!

Here is a sneak peak into all 8 modules:

Week 1 – Mastering Motivation

We will take this first week to begin preparing and creating a plan so we are prepared. We will understand how autoimmunity works, what triggers it, the science behind AIP and why certain foods are included and other excluded, the role of gut health, record our baseline symptoms, discover your transition style, master our motivation, building resiliency, create a personal, guiding mission statement, and more.

AIP Foods Graphic
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Week 2 – Activating A Perfect Plan

This week we go deeper into the foods included and excluded on AIP and why.  Master tricky foods including spices and begin easing into AIP with the first food changes. You'll get inside tips on creating AIP meal plans that make it easy and will make you successful with AIP. Learn how to organize in a way that helps you stay on top of your health with your provider. We will explore ways we can prioritize our health and much more.

Week 3 – Tips and Tricks to Propel You Forward

This week we will take the next step in removing and adding in foods. Get the inside scoop on nutrients that support the immune system so it can regulate itself. We will also look at other areas like  easy short cuts, breakfasts, snacks, dining out, travel, physical hunger and more.

Module 3 Nutrient Density Graphic
Stressors on the Body Graphic

Week 4 – Powerful Body Hack To Lower Inflammation

This week we will add in another weekly layer to the AIP plan. Learn the profound impact stress has on the immune system and learn a body hack to get it back into balance quick. The power of support systems, learn questions to ask yourself when it comes to emotional eating and so much more.

Week 5 – Navigating the HUGE Hormone Connection

Not only will we begin the next elimination, we will look at how blood sugar, insulin, meal timing, circadian rhythms, hunger hormones all interact with the immune system and what you can do to rebalance this!  Bonus: there is a video on Weight Loss and Autoimmune Disease that ties into this module that will surprise you!

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Week 6 – Simple Synergistic Solutions

We will continue the next AIP elimination. We will explore synergistic solutions that are supportive of the immune system and, with some simple tweaks, can make a profound impact on its functioning. We will explore the types of exercise, rest, recovery that is specifically beneficial for those with autoimmune disease. Look at the benefits of movement, self care, boundaries, support, connection, our relationship with electronics, perform a sleep quality test and more.


Week 7- Optimizing Foods for Max Energy

This is the final week of implementing the food changes of AIP. But, your journey is just beginning now that we are ramped up to full AIP. We will go indepth about reintroductions, when to do them, how, why symptom tracking is important, what to look for, talk about increasing energy, and more.

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Module 8 goals obstacles and failures

Week 8 – Successfully Forward After Finishing Strong

This week we will recap where we have been, and begin looking forward, anticipating challenges or obstacles that lie ahead and how can you navigate them successfully, what is next, revisit our baseline symptom tracker to see how far we have come and discuss troubleshooting going forward.

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Over 40 handouts and guides
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Live Group Coaching Each Week

Join us each week as we discuss the prior week, answer any questions and prepare for the next step. There is a short presentation over the materials, mindset and navigating AIP, I challenge you with coaching questions and insights, and provide ample time for you to ask questions and get feedback and be coached through this!


This is the BEST part of this program! Before enrolling, many women are intimidated or feel like they are not ready to part of a group or that their condition is too specific. However, don't let fear win! You'd be pleasantly surprised to discover that you are not alone in this journey! Many other women are going through the exact same issues!


We encourage one another, share wins, challenges and goals for the next week. You will truly love this part of the program! I promise!! And, if you just want to show up and watch and not share, that is okay too!

Live weekly coaching


"Having a support system is the key to success in implementing AIP. It can make a huge impact very quickly when you have someone to guide you through it. I felt empowered instead of self-pity. I am taking control of my health in a way that I never knew was possible." Nikki H.

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PLUS you'll get 8-hours of live coaching support and these benefits:

  • Access to an 8-week, online, group, health coaching program with new modules released each week.
  • Conducted securely through HIPAA-compliant Zoom telehealth with easy to use browser link.
  • Weekly, one-hour, live, group, coaching sessions (day and evening hours available) where there is a short presentation for the week, coaching questions, answers to your questions, all live with direct, live access to your health coach.
  • Over 40 handouts, resources, downloads and links to guide you through each step of the way.
  • Over 13-hours of educational, video content to supplement your weekly coaching session. Go through at your own pace, approximately 2-hours per week. Listen while you are doing dishes, getting ready, driving or where ever you are!
  • 24-hour private chat access to your health coach, all through a secure online portal that is easy to use.
  • Valued at $2,000 but offered here for ONLY $197 - other coaching programs run $1,200-$2,400.  Other programs run $397 and some are just a few videos, no interaction or support, only supplement sales.
  • Renewed hope for a healthier future - priceless!
  • Only two groups per year in January and September.
  • Space is limited in each session. Enroll now to reserve your spot. 

We are each on our own individual journey

If you or your doctor have included or excluded specific foods, you can easily adapt the AIP plan to fit your needs. Or, if you want to just absorb all the information before plunging in, that is okay too! Although we will move through the program, you can implement as much or as little as you need and go at your own pace.


This is a program where you can do as much or as little as you feel prepared to tackle. This information and support will help you feel prepared to tackle it successfully whether you go all in or only dip your toe in the AIP water!  Whether you have never done an elimination food plan before, or have attempted AIP before but struggled with parts of it, this will leave you with the confidence to move forward and take charge of your health again!


Ready to get started? Time is running out before the next group starts!

SPACE is limited in each group so HURRY and get the spot you want now!

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“I wanted help with the AIP program and especially reintroduction. I tried it on my own and wasn’t where I wanted to be. With Dixie’s help I’ve been able to discover what has been holding me back and move forward. This was so helpful to me. She encouraged me to be persistent and confident. I haven’t felt this good in years. The program well exceeded my expectations. I now have hope. That’s worth everything.” Ann B.

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Break free from autoimmunity by taking charge of your health!

Imagine how it would feel if you no longer had your symptoms holding you back!

Choose your hard - living with autoimmunity and continued disease progression and worsening of your symptoms. Or, choose the hard that stops your symptoms!

Choose Reboot with AIP to address the root cause of autoimmunity, stop your symptoms and get back to an active life with the ones you love!

"I'm a former nurse. They don't teach you about food. I needed to put myself and my health first. The program helped me understand the damage my lifestyle has brought to me and understand what I needed to do to improve my health. In implementing AIP, I've had gradual weight-loss, my sinuses are better, joints don't hurt, my blood pressure is better, I sleep better and I just feel better overall!" Lyn B.

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Testimonial 10



"Dixie, thank you so much for putting this together! I am very excited to do this and it is just what I needed for motivation and to help me stay on track!" Michelle M.

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My Story

I am Dixie Mehrens, a Functional Medicine Certified, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and an Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) Certified Coach. I use my personal and professional knowledge to teach you how to take charge of your health. I want you to feel empowered by this information and confident in what changes you need to make to best support your condition, calm symptoms, reenergize, and find a sustainable healthy future.


Over the years various symptoms would rise but each time I would see a conventional doctor and take a medication for it. No one ever asked what was causing these symptoms. It started with anxiety attacks that lead to depression. Then, hypothyroidism. Re-occurring infections – usually with rounds of antibiotics. Dental troubles. Long-term anemia. Poor sleep and insomnia. Fatigue. Debilitating fatigue. Digestive troubles. And, it continued to snowball.


I eventually ended up seeing a gastroenterologist and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I wanted to know what caused it and how to prevent or reverse it. The doctor just wanted me to come back when I was worse to talk about medications that could suppress my symptoms. I wanted to know the root cause so I could make different choices and prevent the acceleration of the disease. The outlook for Crohn’s is grim. That was not the future I wanted for myself.


I began researching how foods can affect the body. I did an elimination diet to discover what foods might be immune system triggers for me. In doing that, I discovered numerous food sensitivities. I changed what I ate. This changed my life.


Nearly all the digestive issues I was having resolved themselves after avoiding the foods my body was reacting to and by taking steps to restore my gut. I then also sought the help of a Functional Medicine practitioner to help with the fine-tuning, supplementation and additional lab testing. I became myself again and got my energy and life back! But, it can be a difficult, long and sometimes lonely journey. It was really hard. That is what lead me into health coaching and creating this program.


Elimination food plans are the gold standard for identifying food intolerances and sensitivities. You know how your body feels! This teaches you how to listen to your body even more closely! And, this is what changed my life!

Dixie Mehrens
AIP Certified Health Coaching

I designed this program after completing the AIP training program which was based on Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s book The Paleo Approach, Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body. It was co-lead by The Autoimmune Wellness duo Mickey Trescott, NTP and Angie Alt, NTC, CHC.


I have added my own take on how to persevere, shift my mindset and lean on a higher power instead of willpower alone. I believe my mind, body, spirit approach targets the whole person! We cannot compartmentalize our faith away from what our body is doing! And, we need it to strengthen our resolve and remember why we are making the changes that we are making!


I hope you join me!

Still have questions or are unsure?

Let's talk.

Either send me an email or schedule a free call to talk! No sales, just an honest conversation about what it is you are looking for and what you need!


I sincerely want you to take steps to stop your autoimmune symptoms and I am here to help! However, even if you choose not to participate, seriously consider AIP on your own! You'll be glad you did! And, if you ever need help, please reach out. I'm here for you!















The video is provided for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Always talk to your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise routine. 




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