REFRESHED YOU is the energy reboot you've been looking for!

Go from fatigued to Refreshed


Had enough of feeling sluggish?

Having trouble shedding unwanted weight?

Feeling stuck?

Not doing the healthy things you know you need to do?

Are annoying symptoms starting to nag at you?


Get a fresh perspective on your health! Learn how to boost your energy so you can start making forward progress with your health and life again! You can start eating better, feeling better, think more clearly, have less aches, get into a good routine, and even drop a few pounds. As the momentum builds, your light starts to shine again and it begins an upward spiral! Can you see it?


Being healthy can feel so complicated.

It doesn't have to be.

I can simplify it for you.

In the Refreshed You program you can:


  • Boost your energy levels without depriving yourself but by eating MORE whole, real food. Don't worry, I make it simple for you!
  • Make a fresh start again to create the transformation you have been wanting.
  • Know exactly what to do and how to get started creating the healthy life and body you want.
  • Feel like a pro with short-cuts, tips and tricks to make meal planning, shopping and cooking a breeze.
  • Really understand what makes your body feel great, alive and energized at a cellular level.


Take charge of your health and change the trajectory you are on.

Feel inspired to get back on track

Address the root causes that are holding you back from being your BEST

Feel energized and alive again

Refreshed YOU Program

This 3-week journey will take you through the Institute for Functional Medicine's five pillars of health and teach you simple tweaks you can make that will transform how you feel! You'll address the root-cause of fatigue and have renewed confidence in the choices you are making.

What is included in the Refreshed You Program?

  • 12 video modules that explain everything to you. It is like we are sitting down together having a conversation where I'm sharing with you what I've learned. Each video is approximately 10-20 minutes. You could watch them throughout the week, or spend about 90 minutes Saturday morning going through the modules.
  • Each module will include multiple downloadable handouts and guides for easy reference after the program ends.
  • Comprehensive Mitochondria Support Booklet
  • Recipe, meal planning and grocery shopping guides
  • Private Facebook Community Group  - we are better together! You'll be doing this with other women on the same journey! You'll get supplemental information on our group page, can participate in challenges, and win prizes you'll love!
  • You will have access to a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach -- that's ME! We are in this together! I'll do Facebook Lives where I will personally be interacting with you, answering questions, and supporting you! I want to make sure this is a personalized experience for you because I am committed to your success.
  • AND, a transformed life.


Don't wait to feel more energetic - get started now! We officially start Friday, February 22!

The Refreshed You Health Coaching Program: $157

That's only about $50 a week for 3-weeks together where I will be with you every step of the way offering functional wellness tips to guide you in the areas of food + movement + sleep and self-care + relationships and meaning + stress transformation. These are key lifestyle factors that have the power to create sustainable long term energetic health and wellbeing.

Refreshed You Health Coaching Program + 2 Private Coaching Sessions: $247

I have a few spots available for private coaching for program participants at a hugely discounted rate. Receive two 45-minute, private coaching sessions in addition to the program for a total of $247.  I can do this because so much ground is covered in this program already. These sessions MUST be scheduled during the program time frame. See that option at checkout if you desire an even greater REFRESH.

Ready to get started?

PERFECT! Fill in your name and email and let's get started!

Refreshed You is like an total energy reboot that will transform your health and life! It is simple, clear and supports energy at the cellular level.

All you need to do is decide that it is time to do something different than you have been doing.

"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today!"

Let's get started together!