When is the last time you received the personal attention you need and talked with someone about your health, your goals, dreams, what is holding you back and how you can over come it?

Being healthy doesn't have to be hard.

Let's talk and see if coaching would be a good fit for your unique situation. This call is:

  • A chance for us to get to know each other.
  • Help me understand what you are struggling with right now. 
  • Talk about what you'd like to accomplish. 
  • A chance to see if we want to work on it together.

If we both decide this is a good partnership, you'll get 5 free coaching sessions. No pressure, no catch, no sales, just a conversation. 

Fill out the form below to request a free 30-minute call. I'll email you back with a confirmation of your time and date.

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"Coaching gave me the accountability and motivation I needed. Dixie was so encouraging in every way possible! She pointed me in the right direction and helped me keep trying. I feel I am changing on the outside but even more on the inside. I am at a happier place!"  

-Amy V.