Autoimmune Diseases Don’t Just Happen

Autoimmune Diseases Don't Just Happen

Autoimmune Diseases Don’t Just Happen   March is Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month. There are 50 million Americans diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and probably closer to 100 million who have autoantibodies and don’t even know it! Or, their  test results have been dismissed because they aren’t quite bad enough yet and the symptoms are non-specific.…

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Addressing the Root-Cause of Thyroid Disorders

Fatigue is the number one complaint women have. Conventional medicine’s range of normal thyroid function is wide. When I was on the high end of normal, I was cold all the time, gaining weight (puffy in the face), exhausted but had trouble sleeping sometimes, my hair was falling out, my nails were brittle and skin…

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Health Begins With A Balanced Gut

“All disease begins in the gut.”  –Hippocrates I believe that is a true statement. Health begins with a balanced gut. And, the science to prove it is finally catching up. Let’s look at what leaky gut is, what causes it, the various ways it expresses in symptoms – including autoimmunity, and the five steps to…

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Your symptoms are not the problem. They are warning signals.

Your symptoms are not the problem. They are the warning lights.

The symptoms of autoimmune disease can be subtle, easily dismissed, and are often compartmentalized. However, your symptoms are not the problem. They are warning signals. There is usually a root-cause that needs uncovering.   On average, it takes a woman 4.6 years to get an autoimmune diagnosis after visiting an average of five doctors. And,…

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Four Inflammatory Foods You’ll Want to Avoid

Four Inflammatory Foods You'll Want to Avoid

There are four inflammatory foods you’ll want to avoid whether you want to prevent autoimmune diseases because you know it runs in your family, are newly diagnosed, or if you’ve been living with an autoimmune condition for a while.   Leaky Gut Intestinal permeability is often referred to as leaky gut. More and more evidence…

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