Hidden Sugars That May Surprise You and What to Look For

I’ve talked a lot about how sugar leads to inflammation and creates an imbalance in gut bacteria that cause us all sorts of problems – gas, bloating, constipation, brain fog, skin disruptions, cravings, depression, and more. So here’s a little insight into hidden sugars that may surprise you and what to look for when shopping.…

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7 Tips for Resisting Sweets

7 tips for resisting sweets

Drowning in Trick-Or-Treat Candy? Here are seven tips for resisting sweets. (And, one of many bad mom moments I am embarrassed by that will make you feel better about yourself.)   Sugar releases a little burst of feel-good chemicals after eating a treat. But, a while later, assess how you feel after eating something that…

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Four Inflammatory Foods You’ll Want to Avoid

Four Inflammatory Foods You'll Want to Avoid

There are four inflammatory foods you’ll want to avoid whether you want to prevent autoimmune diseases because you know it runs in your family, are newly diagnosed, or if you’ve been living with an autoimmune condition for a while.   Leaky Gut Intestinal permeability is often referred to as leaky gut. More and more evidence…

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How to Identify and Avoid Foods with Hidden and Added Sugars

Identify and Avoid Foods with Hidden and Added Sugars

It is important to identify and avoid foods with hidden and added sugars, especially less obvious culprits that you might not suspect. For many years people have been led to believe that saturated fat is the main cause of heart disease. However, new studies have revealed that saturated fat is far less harmful than sugar.…

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